Creating Webinar Posts

Instructions on adding new webinar posts that feed the BAN module on the Milestone Benefits website.


The live webinars module in the BAN section of the website will display the latest post and allow an end user to menu through the posts that are filed under a certain category. This article will walk you through creating new posts for upcoming webinars. Blog posts are more time-centric than pages are in WordPress and can be categorized which is helpful for this particular use case.

Creating a New Post

To being you’ll need to create a new post from the Posts menu or Posts page. NOTE: Best practice would be to stick to some consistent naming convention for the post name. The post name is what is displayed in the module on the home page, so having a consistent naming convention will help the overall look and experience for the end user.

A recommended naming convention would be

Day, Date: Main Title

If you don’t define a caption for the article, the module will pull additional excerpt information from the post itself, so you don’t necessarily have to make a long title. Keep it simple and to the point if possible. You will however want to define a caption, so that you have control over what is displayed as the sub caption.

  • To do this, click on the hyperlink for the article or the edit link in the all posts list
  • Then don’t use the visual builder, instead scroll down to the excerpt field and enter in what you’d like the subheading to read then click the update button.

Once the post is named we’ll want to set a few settings and load a layout template before we publish and begin working on the page.

  • On the top right section change the layout to Fullwidth
  • Select the BAN_Webinar in the categories section
  • Click the load layout button and choose Webinar Template from the Your Saved Layouts tab.
  • Then click the Use Visual Builder to begin editing the post

Editing the Post

First thing you’ll notice is that the headline and title don’t match the name of the post. You can either edit these inline or open the settings for the module to edit the content within the module.

  • Change the copy in the header area (Iceberg area)
  • Change the headline of the actual article (below the Ban Live Webinar header graphic)
  • Change the copy below the headline
  • Change the Dates and times in the blue box


Lastly, you’ll want to change the URL that the register button takes the user when clicked.

  • To do this, hover over the button and click the settings icon (gear)
  • Under the Link setting set the Button URL to the desired URL
  • Ensure that the Url Opens is set to “In the New Tab”
  • At this point the post can be saved and closed.

The very last setting that you may wish to change is the comment field at the bottom of the post.

  • To do this go to the Posts menu in the WordPress dashboard to display all of your posts
  • Hover over the post you’re editing and select Quick Edit
  • Uncheck the Allow Comments and Allow Ping checkboxes
  • Click the update button.

Your post should still be in draft form which means it’s not yet visible to the public. You can click the preview link to verify everything looks good, and that your registration link works.

If everything is as you want it, you can click the publish button to make the post live. If you’ve checked the BAN_Webinars category checkbox when you set up the page, as described earlier in this article, the webinar should now show on the homepage in the BAN Live Webinars module.