Live Webinar: Wednesday 7/15

Harvest Your Health Plan’s Low Hanging Fruit

Wednesday 3/24


12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Harvest Your Health Plan’s Low Hanging Fruit

Wednesday, March 24th

When mid-sized Employers self-fund, they can flatline their plan costs without increasing members’ deductibles every year. David Konrad explains how it can be possible in this webinar. Learn how hundreds of companies are controlling their health plan’s costs year over year. We will review specific examples of how Employers are harvesting the low hanging fruit in the first few years of self-funding.


    David Konrad: With 20 years of financial sales, management, and operations experience, Dave Konrad serves as BAN’s Captives Director. Dave is responsible for the program development, design, structure, sales, and marketing of various P&C and Employee Benefits group, single parent, DRP, 831(b), voluntary benefits, and other captive programs.

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