Live Webinar: Wednesday 4/28

Cyber Security – What to do Before and After a Breach

Wednesday 4/28


12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Cyber Security – What to do Before and After a Breach

Wednesday, April 28

Join World Synergy for an exclusive webinar on April 28 that will teach you how to protect your business before a breach, and what to do afterward.

With the shift to remote work and the dramatic rise in cyber-threats, businesses need new solutions and expertise to combat hackers and cyber-attacks. We will show you how to build a cyber-security strategy to protect your business.

Security at most small- to mid-size businesses is usually an afterthought, and most business owners underestimate the risks. Today it is not a question of if it will happen, but what you need to do to protect yourself when you are breached.

World Synergy Chief Solution Officer Matt Jones and Security Principal Gunner Wagh will discuss how businesses should be rethinking their approach to cybersecurity.​

    Speaker: Matt Jones & Former FBI Special Agent Gunner Wagh

    Whatever the question, “No problem” is always Matt’s answer. Matt joined the World Synergy team in 2007 and has played an integral role in our company’s growth ever since. He is a calm voice in the storm, solving your most complex technical problems with a smile. Matt enjoys helping people and treats every project like an artist treats his craft. A logical thinker and excellent problem-solver, Matt offers expert solutions to simplify and improve even the most complex processes. Matt works hard to make every day a little brighter for our business partners. And if you need maple syrup, Matt’s your guy.


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